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Hypnotherapy uses a state of relaxation and heightened awareness that allows for improved focus and concentration. During hypnosis, most people feel calm and relaxed. This state induces a natural dissociated state that makes people more connected to their unconscious and more open to suggestions about desired behavioural changes. It can be an effective way to deal with stress, anxiety, panic attacks, fears and chronic pain.

A relationship based on trust between the hypnotherapist and the client is needed. It is important to realize that the client will always be in control. For the best result, repetition is needed and the client will learn self-hypnosis exercises to practice in home.

Hypnotherapy is extremely suitable for many children, as they are highly impressionable and often respond well to this method. As a result, less time is needed for the consultation and the goal is often achieved with a few sessions. Some examples: chronic abdominal pain without medical cause, low self-confidence, anxiety, tension, bedwetting and concentration problems.

Adult | Hypnotherapy Session

Every hypnotherapy session is a self-hypnosis session because you are in complete control. You will also learn to tune into what comes naturally to you, so you can allow your unconscious to help and empower you instead of holding on to what no longer serves you and can stand in the way.

Child | Hypnotherapy Session

It is often not necessary to explain to children in detail what "hypnosis" is. It can be simply explained that during a relaxation exercise, they use their imagination to work with their problems. It is important that the child is motivated to change the problem behaviour or problem itself.


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