Revolutionary assessment tool for personal profiling, partnership and team dynamics

BG5 is based on our non-verbal communication and provides practical tools for individuals, entrepeneurs, partnerships, small businesses and groups to develop positively.

It gives access to both the conscious and unconscious influences and this gives a deep insight into the strengths, talents and issues people face when working together. The Career Design Analysis focuses on the unique and specific aspects and identifies multiple professional key areas to help optimise your career potential and improve workplace interaction.

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The Career Design Analysis, Alpha One and Small Business Group Analysis are suitable for everyone.
The cycle and connection analysis are recommended after a career design analysis.
See below for more information about each analysis. Every analysis can be given online.


Career Design Analysis

What is your career type? In which work environment do you function best and how can you improve your interaction with your boss/colleagues/employees/customers? We will go through this and MUCH more during the career design analysis so you can understand your talents, business skills and pitfalls.

€360 / 3x 90 min

Cycle Analysis

An analysis on your actual career cycle. What this means for your individual development and personal circumstances.

€120 / 90 min

Alpha One Leadership Analysis

For the entrepreneur, executive or manager of a small company to gain insight on how to be the most effective, efficient and respected leader in your company or team.

price on request

Co-operation Analysis

As soon as 2 people come together within a distance of 2 meters, a new energy field emerges. Think of all kinds of relationships, such as those with your family members, friends or at work. This analysis looks at what happens in this field and how best to deal with each other to improve communication and flow.

€120 / 90 min

Small Business Group Analysis (3-5 persons)

Depending on the business needs, this analysis for a group of 3 to 5 persons can focus on:
  • Identifying gaps and weak points in the productivity. 
  • Solutions to improve satisfaction.
  • Insights for recruitment.
  • How to achieve maximum financial potential.
  • Fine-tuning & staffing during business expansion

price on request


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