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At the moment of birth your unique imprint became activated.
Human Design is is a practical tool and not a believe system. Each consult is an invitation to start experiment with the mechanics of your own energy manual. This manual shows how your energy can flow without resistence. Through your own experience you will be able to reconnect with your true essence. Regaining trust in yourself: knowing how and when to act, how to make decisions that are correct for you and how to enter into situations that are right for you. Opening the door to the potential of self-love. It can be used to analyse relationships and to help parents guide their children. More and more it is used by entrepeneurs or managers in companies and group dynamics.

It is based on a synthesis of ancient and modern knowledge: Astrology, the Chinese I´Ching, The Jewish Kabbalah, the Hindu Brahmin Chakra System, Genetics, Astronomy, Quantum Fysics and Biochemistry. The center is around the division of 4 energy types: Manifestors, Generators, Projectors and Reflectors.

The Foundation Reading, Career Design Analysis and Small Business Group Analysis are suitable for everyone. The other analysises (child development, life cycle, solar return, incarnation cross and partnership) are recommended after a foundation reading with me or another certified Human Design professional. See below for more information about each analysis.


Foundation Reading

The basic analysis of your true self. How does your energy flow best and what blocks the natural way. What is your role in daily life and how do you make the right decisions to experience peace, satisfaction, surprise or success.

€120 / 90 min

Child Development Analysis

A comprehensive analysis on your child's development. Including how to guide your child to live according to his/her own energy and how to improve communication. Includes tips for healthy sleep and stimulation of the learning abilities.

€120 / 90 min

Life Cycle Analysis

An analysis on your actual life cycle. What this means for your individual development and personal circumstances.

€120 / 90 min

Solar Return Analysis

Every year around 3 months before your birthday, the energy influence around you changes. This analysis will focus on the opportunities and challenges of your new year.

€120 / 90 min

Connection Analysis

As soon as 2 people come together within a distance of 2 meters, a new energy field emerges. Think of all kinds of relationships, such as those with your family members, friends or at work. This analysis looks at what happens in this field and how best to deal with each other to improve communication and flow.

€150 / 90 min

Incarnation Cross Analysis

An analysis on your life purpose: for what you are energetically designed to do in this life.

€120 / 90 min


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