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Catia Ferreira

Mother of a 7-year-old boy, Nelson. My son is hyperactive with attention deficit, he was diagnosed when he was about 3 years old. From the age of 2 he started having various types of therapy such as occupational therapy, psychomotor and speech therapy. The boy was very impulsive, only doing what he wanted in nursery and pre-school. He hit a lot, bit the other children, didn’t take no for an answer and only did the activities he wanted. In between, he started seeing psychologists who helped calm him down. He reached the age of 6 with pre-school done but always with some reservations about his behaviour. When he started school, my biggest fear was that he wouldn’t be able to sit still in class and pay attention to the teacher. The first few weeks were difficult, he was always punished because his hyperactivity wouldn’t let him concentrate. I researched other types of therapy because the ones he’d already had didn’t work. Hypnotherapy was something I was very curious about, but unfortunately there was no-one around who I knew or who had done it who could refer me to it. I spoke to Nelson’s developmental paediatrician several times who never wanted to know about alternative therapies. That’s when I met Marlien and our lives changed for the better. The boy adhered very well to the therapy and it was a radical change in his behaviour. He’s become much calmer, more receptive to everything, at school the punishments have stopped, he can follow his lessons perfectly and the most important thing is that he was supposed to take medication to help him concentrate and so far he hasn’t needed it. My son is very happy, he loves going to school and he copes perfectly with everything that’s asked of him. It really has been a positive change in every way.

Eline Smit

My 8-year-old daughter Amber was never a daredevil or a daredevil. She found new things exciting and I noticed that she would sometimes worry days in advance if something new or exciting was planned in her eyes. This manifested itself in tummy aches and lots of crying. She would then retreat to her room. And once the time came, she would panic and block out completely. The few times when it did work and she was able to enjoy herself was a real victory!
Via Marlien we received information about hypnotherapy. I knew it vaguely from my work as a paediatric nurse, for Amber this was new. Via a video link, Marlien started working with Amber. I immediately noticed the click. Amber was enthusiastic and started doing the exercises every night before bed. We noticed that the abdominal pain, which was present on average 3x a week with a pain score of 6 to 7, decreased and has now completely disappeared! Amber has also experienced some exciting things lately, her 1st gymnastics competition, a pommel horse competition on a new still young pony. She used to block but now she stayed calm, was able to suck away her tension by ‘blowing away the bubbles’ and even helped her teammates with this! How proud I was when she won the 1st prize in gymnastics and she proudly climbed the stage in front of a big audience!
Thanks to Marlien’s hypnotherapy, we have a happy girl who no longer shies away from exciting things! I highly recommend Marlien. She seeks to connect at the child’s level and knows how to convey the information well, even online.

Patrícia Queirós

I, Patrícia Queirós, would like to share my experience with the hypnotherapist Marlien. After becoming a mother, I began to develop many fears that led me to daily panic attacks, I started psychoanalysis and nothing got better, I met Marlien in 2015, and at that time I had whole days without leaving the house, the world was claustrophobic, I lacked air, I stopped travelling, I survived, I didn’t do anything with my life, I lived haunted by fears!
That’s when Marlien told me about hypnosis, and we started the sessions. I felt better with each session, I learnt techniques that I use when I feel weaker! Today I live, I travel and I’m a much better human being!


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