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Looking at my children, I hoped for a long time that they did not encounter the bumps in their path that I struggled with myself. Wanting to protect and feeling fear of what they face. The guilt that mothers can struggle with.
After my introduction to Marlien’s human design method, I slowly felt a calm in my life. As if I suddenly understood!
The child I used to be, myself as a parent, as a partner but especially as myself now. I wish my children this path. And everyone around me. in different ways I sought to deal with the inevitable difficulties or valleys we encounter. Now I know that you don’t have to lose yourself, that a beautiful instruction manual is ready early on, for everyone. For yourself, for your partner, your parents, siblings, colleagues girlfriends and friends.
As a sister, I have always been down-to-earth and perhaps sometimes sceptical about my sister’s development. I have been objective and critical.
Marlien, with her calm, patient appearance, gave me time and worked out my instructions and read them to me. Told me at my invitation about my precious energy, my precious gold, how best to let it flow. She made me learn to recognise my gut feeling, to listen to it. Learned with very small practical tips how to answer my big life questions myself. How to clear doubts myself, how to understand restlessness and become calm again. How I can now turn my sometimes emerging sense of compulsiveness into understanding, into peace. How I learned to understand disagreements between me and my partner. She taught me how my human design, tells me how I react to others’.
Her never judgmental, neutral attitude gave me space and time to discover it for myself. In a pleasant way, she explains. With clear examples or comparisons.
I enjoy the skill she has developed. How she deploys her energy in the best possible way. And how she enjoys it herself.
Even more, I enjoyed the explanation of my three children’s human designs. Much laughter at the understanding that ensued as she explained the different human designs to me. Why all three of them react differently. To parenting and to each other. Enjoyed how I discussed the different approaches with Marlien and then put them into practice. How incredibly magical and at the same time so logical when you recognise how each child sails each individual on a different approach. How you can recognise how children can decide and react from their healthy selves. How beautiful to be able to let them do that because you know that is their way. The way that is fixed in their own human design. How it helps not to confuse them by asking more questions because you think you have to, but to give them the confidence to decide from their feelings or intuition because you know it suits them.
Or can actually tip the other child to ‘give it time’ and watch the calm descend over her.
When you learn how best to use energy you also learn when it costs you. A beautiful process emerges. With Marlien’s expertise as my facilitator, I was able to take beautiful steps. Taken by myself. Lately also in my work.
I think it is an art how with her humility and her expertise she lets you learn and walk your own path. She teaches you to read the map, she is a dear fine friend and sister with an energy that I grant everyone to get to know.
I wish you joy while reading your own instructions. Walking your path with your own unique roadmap.


Marlien conducts the human drawing session with gentleness, clarity and presence and makes me feel accepted as the unique and special being that I am. She focuses on the essential points for each moment and has a lot of patience to clarify all doubts. I understood better how I function and my purpose in life, what is my best strategy to make decisions and assimilate knowledge, my special gifts, the ways I get distracted and lose focus of what is important to me. The session on my daughter was fundamental to improve communication with her.


The first reading with Marlien was very enriching and a feast of recognition for me. It has made my life a lot easier. I understand myself better and I no longer have to try my best to be something or someone I am not. As a projector, I now wait for the invitation, so I lose much less energy and feel bitter and frustrated less often.
Furthermore, it has become clear to me what is the right way for me to make choices.
After letting all the information sink in for a while and working with it, I had a more in-depth session with Marlien. This too was very valuable. It was good to refresh everything and to gain new knowledge to experiment with.
What started as a kind of experiment has grown into a way of life for me. I still find Human Design a beautiful journey of discovery and I think there is still plenty to discover.

António Pedro

Simply..WOW. I would never imagine… I m sure that this session will have a very positive impact in my work and life as well. Really really surprised!! Many many Thanks.


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