Inner Compass

To who do you give the authority to make decisions for your own life?

What if I told you that everyone is born with an own authority that knows what is best for your energy to flow without resistance and it never comes from the mind. By following your own unique way, you can align yourself with your true nature.

Human Design shows you how your own authority function. How to enter what is correct for you.

Hypnotherapy can help you to decondition what is stored in your unconscious mind. Let go of what is blocking you and doesn´t serve you anymore by organizing the inner closets. This will make it more easy to follow your own authority.

The key is to accept that your mind won´t be able to understand your own authority. It can observe and notice what will happen if you do follow your own way of making decisions.

Trusting your own authority means you can:

  • Stimulate Self-Alignment.
  • Nurture the full potential of what you were designed to receive and learn.
  • Allow the nature of your being bloom while you grow and develop as your unique self.
  • Release expectations leading to resistence so you can allow life to happen in a flow.
  • Deal with your fears in a healthy way in stead of allowing them to block your true path.
  • Notice your mental dialogue without allowing it to be in control of your life and create confusion, doubt, anxiety.


How the world would look like if the majority would be living life according their own authority, just like the empowering message of Human Design:´´Just Love and be Yourself´´.


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